Start the New Year by Learning a New Instrument

Why Make Learning a New Instrument part of Your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions?

Have you always wanted to learn how to play a new instrument but never quite found the time or motivation to do it? Are you craving the sense of fulfillment that comes with learning a new skill? Or perhaps, you just want to add more melodic beauty in your life?

Fear not, because your dreams are well within reach. And what better time to embark on your musical journey than the start of a brand-new year?

Here are some benefits that everyone—young and old—can reap from learning a new instrument:

  1. Stress Relief
    It’s been proven that music keeps us calm. Whether it’s the catharsis that comes with banging on the drums, slowly learning a melodic passage on the ivory keys of the piano, or the flowing notes of a woodwind instrument, playing and listening to music is one of the best forms of stress relief we know. Devoting 100% of your focus on the next note can help the worries of the day wash away.
  2. Improve Patience
    Like most goals, going from newbie to maestro doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and practice to achieve the results you’re going for. But give it time, and you’ll be feeling the rush of nailing a difficult piece and be proud of yourself for sticking it out through the difficult first steps on your musical journey.
  3. Improve Mental Performance
    Many scientific studies have found correlation between musical performance and academic success, both in children and adults. Learning to commit musical pieces into your mind until you can play them with your eyes closed builds memory and abstract reasoning, which help in maths and sciences.
  4. Embrace Your Passion For Music
    Maybe you’re already a life-long music lover. You’ve been listening to music for as long as you can remember and learning to play an instrument is just the next natural step in your obsession. Learning an instrument—guitarviolinpianosaxophonedrumsflute, etc.—adds value to your passion by letting you become an active participant in the thing you love instead of just a passive listener. By learning the complexities of playing, you also gain insight and appreciation for your favorite musicians’ work. Even better, you may one day even play as well as they do!

Learning an instrument is one of the greatest skills you can learn and carry throughout your life. Get in touch with Learning Through Music and let us help you make reach your goals and make your New Year’s Resolution a reality today! We provide professional music lessons at 4 music studios around Adelaide – conveniently located in WoodvilleSeatonKlemzig and Walkerville.