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Guitar lessons are provided in both individual and group format at Learning Through Music’s 4 music studios as well as Schools around Adelaide, South Australia.

Our carefully designed guitar programs will have students learning and progressing rapidly. Have fun while you learn, and we’ll take care of making sure you get consistent results from your training! Learning guitar is a great way to channel your creativity and express yourself with the classic six-string. LTM students have the option to enrol in AMEB exams and there are many chances to perform and meet likeminded players!

Our experienced and passionate guitar tutors come from a variety of music backgrounds and take care in helping students learn a range of music styles. We offer Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar lessons with lessons available for complete beginners right through to advanced levels.

Beginner Students

Beginner students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading, technique and theory during lessons. A variety of guitar method books can be used to accomplish the basics, we also encourage students to bring CDs or their mobile device to their lesson to learn their favorite pieces.

Intermediate Students

As the students skills advance and a solid technical foundation has been built, students are then encouraged to explore the different guitar genres available, for example, contemporary, rock, pop, classical, Australian Music Examination Board Exams, jazz, etc. LTM also offers opportunities for guitar students to be involved in ensemble groups at the LTM Studios. Students who are at an intermediate level are welcome to join.

Intermediate students will be able to learn guitar styles such as contemporary, rock, pop, classical, Australian Music Examination Board Exams, jazz, etc. Techniques such as Using a pick/plectrum, Fingerstyle, Chords and Strumming, Hammer-ons/ Pull-offs/ Bends/ slides can be explored further to match styles learnt. Students will also have opportunities to learn music theory, rhythm and harmony. LTM welcomes students who want to prepare for AMEB exams or learning guitar at school as part of ‘Music’ subjects. Students are encouraged to be a part of Ensembles and performances opportunities that occur during the year.

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Studio Locations

LTM Studios are conveniently located with onsite carparking and close to public transport. Our teaching rooms are set up for optimum teaching with modern aids and facilities. Each Studio has a dedicated room for Guitar lessons equipped with Amps and guitars. Our Studios are a great place for meeting likeminded musicians, and gain inspiration from seeing other students with their chosen instruments enjoying lessons.

Lesson Times

Studio lessons at Walkerville and Woodville are available Monday to Saturday from 9am to late. Lessons are 30 mins in duration, but shorter or longer lessons can be arranged to meet the needs of individual students. Students learning at their Primary or Secondary school with Learning Through Music will be given a specific time for lessons that has been arranged with their class and music teacher. Lessons at schools are 30mins in duration and can be arranged during or after school, at school premises.

Guitar Hire & Sales

It is best if students bring their own guitar to each lesson. LTM offer hire and sale of guitars and guitar accessories for acoustic, electric guitars and bass guitars. Contact our office for more information.

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