Knowing how to play an instrument is already quite special in itself – but putting it in the context of an ensemble all the more serves to amplify that. Being part of an ensemble is so much more than just getting together with other musicians and playing a well-practiced piece.

Here are some key benefits of being involved in a music ensemble:

  1. Developing self-confidence. Playing in a group context helps improve the students’ self-confidence because they are given an avenue to play masterfully as part of a bigger whole. The students’ self-confidence improves with the realisation that they are contributing to something greater and were especially selected to be part of that group due to their special talent for playing a particular instrument.
  2. Improved socio-emotional well-being. Being part of an ensemble includes the special benefit of developing a sense of belongingness. To play well, each member must bond with the rest of the group in order to serve a common purpose – which is to execute their musical pieces to the best of their abilities. Students belonging to a violin ensemble feel at home in a special community where they develop relationships with like-minded people who are there to support each other.
  3. Honing one’s sense of discipline and organisational skills. Balancing rehearsals and performances in a ensemble with the other aspects of a student’s academic and personal life is practically a feat on its own. To become successful in these different areas of life, students will need to hone their sense of discipline and self-organisation in order to manage the workload. These skills become very advantageous to them later in life, where it is applicable in so many ways.
  4. Application of learned technique. Before joining an ensemble, the students must have had hundreds of hours practicing their skill through one-on-one lessons. The exercises might seem tedious or underappreciated in isolation, but the students learn and appreciate its application in a group setting. Being part of an ensemble enables the students to see why perfecting their part matters in the greater scheme of things – a trait that inevitably comes into play in their professional life later on.
  5. Learning how to be in sync with others. Students who are part of an ensemble learn to see beyond themselves and develop an awareness of what is going on around them. Their nonverbal communication skills are honed as they tune in to the rest of the group, playing their parts accordingly, all the while maintaining focus on the conductor who brings everything and everyone together. Becoming a team player is something that they will learn in an ensemble – an important skill that can be to their advantage in any and all aspects of life.

Ensembles at Learning Through Music

Whether you are an intermediate or advanced violinist, being part of an ensemble will certainly be to your advantage. If you are ready to be part of a violin ensemble, you are very welcome to join our rehearsals at the Walkerville Studio every Friday at 5:30 pm. Contact us for more details!