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Musical Theatre Classes in Adelaide

LTM’s Musical Theatre Workshops are professionally designed courses aimed at producing well-rounded performers. Our teachers spend time on each individual aspect of performing in a musical with equal focus to ensure that students can take on whatever role that comes their way.

Our experienced vocal coaches and singing teachers have already helped countless students find their own unique singing voices. With our Musical Theatre Workshops, we’re adding dancing and acting coaches with the same progressive approach.

While our curriculum is geared towards a sustained and rapid progress for all our students’ musical theatre skills throughout the workshop, we also strive to keep our environment fun, supportive, and inclusive. By doing this, we hope that it encourages our students to collaborate and practice their creativity.

Students in our Musical Theatre Workshops are going to learn some key skills that they can take with them in the other aspects of their lives. With a musical theatre background, students will be able to hone their creativity, leadership and collaboration skills, and, most importantly, their confidence.

Workshops will be conducted in small groups but teachers will be giving each student individual focus. Sessions are scheduled on a weekday evening. Please contact us for session times so suit your child.

Beginner Students

Beginner students will start with the basics by learning the musical theatre, its components, and the different disciplines involved in making it. Basic choreography, lines, and other beginner-friendly lessons will also be taught at this stage.

Intermediate Students

In the intermediate and advanced lessons, students begin to take on the nitty gritty details of musical theatre. From character research, collaboration to advanced choreography and musical solos, our lessons will run the gamut on musical theatre skills that students may need.

Areas of Focus

Studio Locations

LTM Studios are conveniently located with onsite carparking and close to public transport. Our teaching rooms are set up for optimum teaching with modern aids and facilities. Each Studio has a dedicated room for Guitar lessons equipped with Amps and guitars. Our Studios are a great place for meeting likeminded musicians, and gain inspiration from seeing other students with their chosen instruments enjoying lessons.

Music Lessons in Adelaide SA


Music Lessons in Adelaide SA


Music Lessons in Adelaide SA


Music Lessons in Adelaide SA


Music Lessons in Adelaide SA


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